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WhiteFlag is a music group unlike any other.

They started creating music together in 1999 - Israeli musicians from Tel Aviv and Palestinian musicians from the refugee camps of Gaza strip.

The deadly Intifada of 2000 prevented them from meeting again.
One of the Palestinian musicians was stranded in Israel, and his Israeli friends hid him in their home. When it became dangerous for him to stay hidden in Tel Aviv, he tried to get into Ramalla, but was captured, imprisoned and tortured. Finally, with the help of the Israeli band members he found refuge in Switzerland.


We first met them in 2000, when we filmed them for our awards winning documentary ISRAEL ROCKS! And, in 2004, when we heard about their difficulties, we decided to try and help the band reunite.

With the help and hard work of one Swiss music producer, the Swiss broadcaster SF, the Swiss government and the city of Lucerne - it all happened in the summer of 2005 summer.

'WhiteFlag, Playing with the Enemy' tells the story of the band, singing a song of hope, against all odds.

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Premiere broadcast on Swiss National SF1 on January 9, 2006

Nominated to
Rose d’Or, The Social Awareness Award (April 2006)
Golden Fenix of the 'The Jewish Motif' - the International Film Festival in Warsaw (May 2006)
ReelHearts International Film Festival, Canada (June 2006)
Jackson Hole, International Film Festival, USA (June 2006)
Jewish Film Festival, Besalu, Spain (March 2007)
International Documentary Film Festival Humanity in the World, Sweden (April 2007)

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