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MRS. GULLIVER and the SECRET of SIZE is a historical fiction, written as satire and laced with a bit of eroticism. It is designed to appeal to the lovers of literature, adventure, and eros.

The Foreword is written by the fictional author, a woman of our time, a 21st century university professor who reads Gender Issues of the 17th-18th centuries. She claims to have found the original diary, which was written some 300 years ago by Mary Burton-Gulliver, the wife of Lemuel Gulliver.

Yes, THE famous "Gulliver", traveler to Lilliput (the little-people Island,) Brobdingnag (the giants' Island,) and other strange lands. The discovery of this diary proves that Gulliver really did exist, and that Jonathan Swift was but his pen-name.

There are far more discoveries and revelations in Mary's candid diaries than those recorded in "Gulliver's Travels". Mary was a clever and courageous woman, and had, in her own way, a loving relationship with her husband. He told her everything, and in the long and lonely nights, when he was at sea, she secretly wrote all the stories which Gulliver didn’t dare to publish in his book, because they would have been considered, at the time, pornographic, and would have cost him his life.

Mary, it seems, was also an amateur artist, and she made her own illustrations of those scenes. She also kept among the pages of her diary original documents such as a love letter from her husband and a page from the London Gazette of 1699.

MRS. GULLIVER and the SECRET of SIZE is fortified with footnotes, which elaborate on life in the 17th-18th centuries and explain the too-familiar political intrigues of 300 years ago, with numerous enlightening references to Gender Issues of all times.

The truth, we learn, is different than what we are accustomed to thinking.

MRS. GULLIVER and the SECRET of SIZE is complete at 80,000 words, a first in a series of 4 novels. Each novel tells the story of one voyage of Gulliver. In the second novel Mary actually takes to the sea, to save her husband from the giants. (A spoiler: she succeeds.)

Read all about it HERE.

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