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25 minute mockumenrtary

The Invention of the Parking Meter is based on Izzy Abrahami's satirical short stories The Unauthorized History of Inventions.

Did you know that the Parking Meter was never invented, but actually found in the Sahara desert, back in 1472, by the Dutch Sahara explorer, Baron August Fabér?

The oddly bizarre Prof. Isidore Avramov (portrayed by Izzy Abrahami) weaves a far-fetched saga of love, jealousy, royalty, espionage and money as he candidly shares his contention that all politicians are nothing but a strange and dangerous mutation of the human species.


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The Invention of the Parking Meter
Narrator: Izzy Abrahami * Baron August Fabér: Peter Faber * Buffle: Buffle * Martha August Faber: Jozien Schreuder * Michelle Leroy: Carole Hulsebos * Unidentified IA Agent: Allen Rozenthal * Child: Joel Broekaert * Custom Officials: Andre and Bert Dimmendaal * Hooker: Carla Reitsma * Client: Claudio Tapia * Kissing Couple: Enid Abrahami, Michiel Koelink * Black-Market Dealers: Sam Poutsma, Claude Savard * Drunk Man: Edwin van Warmerdam * Mr. Magee: Peter Kooman * Woman in Park: Willemijn Schreuder * Sleeping Man: Toine Schreuder * Young Couple: Eliane and Martin Schreuder * Yuppie: Geoff Harwood * Dancers: Enid Abrahami, Bob Mishotte * Script: Izzy Abrahami, Erga Netz * Research: FNBS, New York; Leslie Horowitz, New York; Edward Poper, London * Archive Material: ABC TV, New York * Director of Photography: Eugenio Follender * Soundman: Martin de Groot * Prouction Manager: Ilana Stel * 2nd Unit Cameraman: Jacek Malewski * Crane Operator Richard van der Oord * Lights and Grip: Holland Equipment * Light Assistant: Marieke Lexmond * Production Assistants: Karin van Stapele, Meindert Koelink * Post Prodution Facilities: Video Hilversum BV, Holland, John Kok Video * Off-Line Editor: Maurits Guepin * On-Line Editor: Frits Scholten * Logging: Judith Vermaas * Sound Editing: Red Line, Amsterdam, Tom Stramrood; B&M Produkties, Landsmeer, Ferry van Beek, Martin de Groot * Original Music: Sylvia (Pim ) Holstijn * Title Song Performed by Carla Reitsma * Art: Hans Hubach * Ballons: ABC Ballonnenbedrijf * Paintings: Jolands Prinsen, Joseph Semah * Miniatures: Hanna Roet, C. de Wit * Chocolates: Chocolate Artists, Gilze * Costumens and Props: NOB, Holland * Mr. Izzy Abrahami's Clothes - Marks & Spencer, Holland * Mr. Izzy Abrahami's Study was shot is Chateau Marquette, Heemskerk * Thanks to: Library of Congress, Washington; New York Times Archives; Teylers Museum, Haarlem: Christelijke Muziekvereniging "Juliana", Marken; Canal Bus, Amsterdam; Grand Hotel Krsnopolsky, Amsterdam; Volvo; Mannesman-Kinzle, Germany; Parking administratin, Amsterdam; Eltra; Stichting Parkeervoorzieningen, Arnhem; RAI Congrescentrum, Amsterdam; Forest Administration, Holland; The Amsterdam Police; Restaurant New San Kong, Amsterdam; Versteeg Balkonhekken, Heusden; Hotel de L'Europe, Amsterdam; Restaurant ' Hilletje, Kootwijk; Restaurant Neeltje Pater, Broek in Waterland * Produers: Izzy Abrahami, Erga Netz * Associate Producer: Robert Stel * Executive Procucer: Erga Netz * Director: Izzy Abrahami *  


WorldFest Houston, 1993, Winner of GOLD SPECIAL JURY AWARD

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