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"I have a good excuse for writing down only my good memories, and leaving the bad ones behind.

Never did redemption, hope or the pleasures of nostalgia come by recalling my times of despair. When I remember my bad experiences I just start to feel sick and overcome by total mistrust in humanity?

The Bible and the Koran are stuffed with Man being punished and in turn inflicting pain on others.

Memorials and museums of genocide, war, torture and the Holocaust are rising all over the world and schoolchildren are dutifully taken to these horror attractions as part of their curriculum. What are children supposed to learn from hearing or seeing these manifestations of Man cruelty to Man?

Only shrinks and politicians claim to know the answer: “If you remember the horrors Man have inflicted on Man you wouldn’t repeat it in the future.” 

In fact, reality absolutely disproves this hypothesis. It rather proves the opposite.

My other excuse is that I am not that famous or loaded for people to enjoy reading about my hard times.

I have a third excuse. A lot of people in our world feel lost and hurting. Many are sick and hungry, and they need a lot of consoling."


An excerpt from My Life As A Whale, by Izzy (Isidore) Abrahami

My Life as a Whale will be published on line in 2020.

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