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58 minutes TV documentary

A 1 hour TV documentary.
Languages spoken: English, Hebrew, Arabic
English and Dutch versions are now available!  

Back in 1988, in the midst of the first Arab uprising, the Intifada, Izzy Abrahami and Erga Netz have uncovered the other aspect of the Arab-Israeli conflict: THE PEOPLE, Jews and Arabs, who actually live together in harmony and peace.

Want to watch the full movie?
You can, by clicking here

What they say about ISRAEL -- THE OTHER REALITY:

Arthur Miller: 
"I found ISRAEL -- THE OTHER REALITY surprising, often funny, full of human detail and a readiness to welcome hope. I feel it must reflect a certain truth about Israel that never sees print - the experience of at least some Arabs and Jews in living together cooperatively and in peace. I hope it presages a change of heart in both majorities. It needs to be seen by the world."  

"ISRAEL -- THE OTHER REALITY reveals that there is hope in the real Israel"

Howard Fast:  "This film reflects the Jewish soul of Israel with more truth and compassion than anything else I have ever seen. To see it as a Jew is to feel pride once again in the fact that we are, and will be, the people of peace. I hope that millions of Americans can see this film". 

Gregory Peck: 
"The value of the film is in enlightenment. Yes, it is possible. It is not a hopeless situation".




Director: Izzy Abrahami * Producer: Erga Netz * Associate Producer: Robert Stel *
Co-Producer: Ton Hover * Camera: Eugenio Vollender * Sound: Nathan Mansfeld * Editor: Erga Netz *
Facilities: Video Hilversum

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