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Pop-Up Visual Radio רדיו פופ אפ ויזואלי

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In 2020 we started the original project of a Pop-Up Visual Radio on Facebook.
It is a series of interviews, accompanied by videos and photos, with Israelis who live in the Netherlands - in Hebrew.

The theme is Being an Israeli Abroad, and the aim is to connect, raise awareness and support, help each other and inspire each other.

Each broadcast culminates with a conversation with Yankale Bader, about the ideas behind the interviews we just saw.

The Visual Radio is Popping Up once a week, on a different day and different time, on the Facebook page:


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Show #6
Thursday, October 5th, 20:00
With Yossi Gal, Haim Oren, Nurit Simpson and Yankale Bader
30. מקהלת שיר בלב.jpeg
43. נורית עם פינגווינים.jpeg
10. חיים אורן בסטודיו.jpg
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