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A film script by Izzy (Isidore) Abrahami and Erga Netz
Two unlikely people most improbably meet on the road.

Frederick Andersen, an elderly Norwegian virtuoso, once a worldwide famous concert pianist just out of a mental institution, bumps into Lenka, a young Bosnian woman escaping the war and attempting to become a worldwide recognised violinist, rich and famous.

It is a romantic road movie comedy, something like a fairytale for grownups. He is stuck in his past, she is obsessed with her future.

Their incidental meeting changes them both.

Following a series of mishaps, the elderly Frederick Andersen loses his house, his wife divorces him and marries the acclaimed conductor Guido Oliviery who lives in Venice.

Frederick is left with nothing but his memories. He’s a broken man.

After being confined for two years in a mental institution, he packs his small car to the brim with papers, letters, music sheets and picture albums and travels from Norway to Venice in a ludicrous attempt to retrieve a picture of his mother, the only piece missing to complete his memories.

He now lives in the car, sleeps on the steering wheel and washes and shaves in gas stations.

In a tiny gas station in Austria he witnesses the battered car of Lenka, a 23-year-old woman, being stolen.

In panic she asks him to take her and follow the thieves. He has no place in the car! But when she screams that her violin is in the car and that she’s a violinist, Frederick helps her get on top of all the papers and drives after her stolen car.

The police stops them. It’s against the law to drive with a passenger on top of all the stuff! When the police officer hears about the stolen car, he alerts the road police to try and stop it. They do. The violin is found intact.

Lenka was born in Bosnia, and during the war she was hiding in a convent in Serbia where one of the nuns taught her to play the violin. She’s now a refugee in Austria, playing violin in the streets and all alone in the world.

Frederick, who’s stuck in his past, meets this young woman who’s aching to make it big and make a lot of money.

Learning that Frederick is going to meet the famous conductor Guido Oliviery in Venice, she begs him to go along with him. He refuses point blank. He hates the company of people and he trusts no one. He needs to be alone. 

Continuing to drive on the road to Venice he realises that Lenka is following him in her car.

He tries desperately to escape her.

From now on, through surprising and comical events, and through meeting various characters on the road, these two lonely people from entirely different backgrounds, separated by an enormous age gap, get closer, even though Frederick is constantly making every possible move to get away.

At the end, through various and funny coincidences, Frederick burns all his papers from his past and thus Lenka manages to free him from his obsession with the past, and in the process Lenka is freed from her compulsion of becoming famous and rich.

Now without the burden of the past or the future they both live in the present, playing together in the streets, happy and free.

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