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The Promising Past Of Television

The ode to the Dutch television pioneer, Erik de Vries (1912-2004) was exhibited in Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum, Holland, in November-December, 2009.

The festive opening took place on November 5th, by Mies Bouwman, with live music: an original song written and composed by Martin van Dijk, based on the broadcasters' tunes from the beginning of television and sung by Dorine van der Klei, Rob van de Meeberg and Martin van Dijk. Students from the Utrecht Theatre School, directed by Loes Hegger, performed with the elements of the video installation, on all 5 levels of the archive of Beeld en Geluid. It was a great event!

The first exhibition of The Promising Past of television was is Gallery Artline, Amsterdam, in the summer of 2006.


The second exhibition was in de Balie, Amsterdam, in March 2007

camera, mies, students
PPoTV Artline
PPoTV Balie
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camera, mies, students
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