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Euni, The Book of Enemies is the moving story of Dori, a naïve 16 year old Jewish boy, a refugee who arrives in Palestine in the midst of a war and becomes a part of a commando unit fighting the Arab enemy.

One day he falls in love with Euni, a 15-year-old Arab girl, but her village is conquered and she flees with her family to Lebanon.

When Dori tries to find Euni, he gets entangled in an enigmatic drugs- smuggling intrigue, that takes him across borders in a Bond-like adventure. Through his journey to adulthood, Dori, brimful with confusion, vulnerability and sincerity, lets us witness his complete transformation as we discover with him, who the real enemy is.

Based on the author's personal experience.




Euni -- the Book of Enemies is published in Hebrew, by Gevanim publishing house in Israel. It was translated by Yoel Netz, who also translated Evgeni Onegin from Russian to Hebrew.
The Hebrew title is: נערה בשם עיוני
The book launch event took place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque on December 27th, 2013. It was also a memorial event for Izzy.


The English book is available now for €7,50
And the Hebrew book as well! נערה בשם עיוני, בתרגום יואל נץ

Euni Kadishman.png

Orian Peled singing in the book launch event in Tel Aviv

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